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Knead to Know

This is where you start your day.


Four quick pieces of news you should know, each in two sentences.

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Core Stories

This is the heart of our newsletter.


We break down three of the latest discoveries from the leading universities, research institutions, and organizations.


Here, you’ll always get reviews of new studies, surveys, reports, or analyses.

Quick Bites

These are three pieces of news or research that are easy to digest.


We give a bit more detail here than in “Knead to Know,” but still keep it brief.


This is also where you’ll find things you might have a tough time discovering anywhere else.

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Rotating Feature

Here, we feature an interesting piece of news or research under one of our rotating topics.


Some topics you’ll see each week, others we spread throughout the month.

On the left is “Good News Only,” our recurring Friday feature highlighting something to send you into the weekend with a smile.

Oven-fresh Stats

These are four fresh stats that we scour the internet for.


Research findings, business deals, records reached, etc., any stat that tells a story simply by being stated.

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Extra Schmear

To finish, we give you five links to interesting things from around the web.


Long reads, YouTube videos, features of art exhibits, etc., anything that we think you may enjoy learning about (and that we had fun finding).

Read some of our latest here.

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