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  • Ryan Wittler

Amazon's Warehouse Injuries Dwarf Its Competitors'

Los Angeles Daily News

Amazon’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) data shows there were 5.9 serious injuries for every 100 Amazon warehouse workers, nearly 80% higher than the serious injury rate at non-Amazon warehouses. More numbers: Amazon’s overall injury rate in 2020 was 6.5 cases for every 100 workers, according to the Strategic Organizing Center, a coalition of labor unions that analyzed data reported by Amazon to OSHA. That’s more than twice the injury rate of Walmart, which reported three cases for every 100 employees in 2020. Amazon added more than 6,200 employees to its workplace health and safety team in 2020, and spent over $1 billion on safety measures like expanding a program promoting stretching, meditation, and nutritional guidance. It also thought giving out a pamphlet calling warehouse employees “industrial athletes” was a good idea, according to Vice.

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