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  • Ryan Wittler

Getting to Know Gen Z

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Investment bank Piper Sandler just released its annual Taking Stock With Teens survey, asking 10,000 teenagers (the average age was 15.8 years) across 44 U.S. states how they feel about a variety of things. Some highlights: According to Piper, Chick-Fil-A is the #1 restaurant among teens, followed by Starbucks, and Chipotle. Their favorite brands are Nike and Lululemon, and their favorite e-commerce site is Amazon, followed by SHEIN. They love Crocs, PacSun, Hey Dude, and Zara, and spending on cosmetics has fallen behind their spending on haircare and fragrances. They also love to shop and sell secondhand, as over 50% of teens reported doing both (which makes sense since the world seems like it’s trying its best to price them out of nearly everything in life). A whopping 87% of them have iPhones and 88% expect to stick with Apple for their next phone purchase (sorry, Android). Apple also became the #1 watch brand for the first time since it debuted the Apple Watch six years ago. Snapchat is their favorite social media platform (35% share), followed by TikTok (30%), and Instagram (22%). A solid 38% reported having a part-time job, 75% live in households that are vaccinated, and 91% returned to in-person classes this Fall. The Kids Are Alright: Our favorite finding, however, was the “significant movement” among Gen Z’s advocacy for social issues and the environment, with Piper saying they appear to care more about such causes than previous generations. Specifically, 15% reported the environment as their “top” social issue, followed by racial equality at 13% (no other cause reached higher than a 6% share).

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