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  • Ryan Wittler

Global Views on Gender Inequality and Feminism

Associated Press

Ipsos and the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership (GIWL) at King’s College London just released their 2022 International Women’s Day survey, revealing global views on gender inequality and feminism.

Some highlights:

Ipsos and the GIWL surveyed 20,000 adults across 29 countries, finding that while 18% of people agree that “gender inequality doesn’t really exist,” 55% disagree and believe that it does.

  • The survey found men (21%) were more likely than women (14%) to agree that gender inequality doesn’t really exist.

  • In several countries, the percentage of men who agree it doesn’t exist is more than double that of women, including Australia (30% vs. 14%) and Russia (30% vs. 12%).

Men are also more skeptical about the benefits of feminism than women.

  • The survey found 32% of men agree that “feminism does more harm than good,” as do 20% of women.

  • Men (23%) are also more likely than women (15%) to think that feminism has led to men losing out economically, politically, or socially.

Globally, 35% of people disagree with the notion that feminism does more harm than good, while 26% believe it’s indeed more harmful.

Violence against women:

The survey found minorities expressed concerning views regarding violence against women.

  • According to the survey, while 55% of people disagree that “violence against women is often provoked by the victim,” 15% (or around one in seven) believe that it is, including 13% of women.

  • Around three-quarters (76%) of people also disagree that women are obligated to have sex with their husbands, but one in 10 (9%) think they are.

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