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  • Ryan Wittler

How People Around the World Feel About Us


A new Pew survey of people in 16 advanced economies shows that while the world envies our technology and entertainment industries, they’re not very high on our society overall.

Some highlights:

According to Pew, 72% of respondents said the U.S.’s technological achievements are the best or above average when compared to other advanced nations, 71% said the same about our entertainment industry, and 69% said that about our military. A solid 59% think our universities are the best or above average globally.

While that sounds nice, the U.S. came up short in other important areas.

In most countries, pluralities (i.e., the most but not a majority) said our standard of living is only average when compared to other developed nations, with over 40% in Sweden, the Netherlands, and Australia saying it’s actually below average or the worst.

Unsurprisingly, our healthcare system scored poorly, with 48% of international respondents saying it’s below average and 18% considering it the worst among developed nations.

International views on U.S. democracy are similarly bad, with just 17% of respondents saying it’s still a good model for governments to follow, compared to 57% who say it once was but isn't any longer.

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