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  • Ryan Wittler

Men Spread More COVID Particles Than Women


An ongoing study from Colorado State University examining the spread of COVID in the performing arts has also found that men spread more coronovarius particles through the air than women.

Some highlights:

Researchers had 75 participants sing songs or perform instruments inside a chamber designed to test airborne particles, originally examining performance artists’ “forced-air breathing” (e.g., singing, playing an instrument, dancing, etc.) and whether that contributes to COVID spreading during a performance.

While that part of the study is still ongoing, the study has already unveiled who spreads the most COVID particles: adult men. According to the researchers, men produce 34% more aerosols than women and adults produce 62% more than minors.

The findings weren’t all that surprising, however, according to lead researcher John Volckens, as adults have larger lungs and speaking at louder volumes produces more aerosols in general.

“The volume of your voice is an indicator of how much energy you’re putting into your voice box. That energy translates to more particles coming out of your body,” Volckens told CBS.

Why it matters:

When it comes to the performing arts, researchers say the findings show loud indoor venues – where performers and fans alike sing loudly – are at the greatest risk of spreading COVID, while quieter events, like a ballet, may be more safe.

When it comes to everyday life, you may finally have a reason to tell any annoying loud guy to pipe down, for the literal sake of peoples’ health.

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