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  • Ryan Wittler

Our Reputation May be Rebounding


According to Gallup’s 2021 Rating World Leaders report, President Biden didn’t just win the popular vote at home, he’s apparently more liked abroad too.

Some highlights:

According to the report, across 46 countries and territories, median approval of U.S. leadership stands at 49%, up from 30% at the end of Trump’s presidency and matching the rating in 2009 during Obama’s first year.

Disapproval is still relatively high, however, sitting at 36%. That’s eight percentage points above the high during Obama’s eight years in office (28% disapproval in 2015 and 2016) and four percentage points lower than Trump’s least-disapproved year (40% disapproval in 2018).

Overall, the U.S. gained 10 percentage points or more in 36 of the 46 areas surveyed, and improved the most -- by at least 40 points -- in Portugal, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. Our allies in the G7 also feel better about us too, as we regained ground with each.

What’s behind the change?

Aside from the obvious competence advantage Biden has over Trump, Gallup says Biden has taken a few key steps in the eyes of the international community.

In the first few hours of his presidency, Biden both rejoined the Paris Climate Accord and stopped Trump’s decision to leave the World Health Organization, two moves that were widely celebrated abroad.

A caveat:

According to Gallup, while Biden’s score here isn’t likely to change much throughout the end of the year, the survey was taken in early August, before the fallout from the Afghanistan withdrawal.

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