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  • Ryan Wittler

People Really Got into Sports Betting Last Year

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A new poll from Morning Consult has found that the launch of legal betting in 11 states and the investment of over a billion dollars worth of marketing by sportsbooks really paid off in 2021.

Some highlights:

According to Morning Consult, the share of U.S. adults over 21 who report betting on sports (either online, at a sportsbook, or with another person) at least once a week has more than doubled from 5% in January 2021 to 12% today. The share who report betting at least once a month also went up, from 10% in January 2021 to 18% today.

Morning Consult also found adults 44 and under are much more likely to place bets on sports than those 45 and up. According to the poll, 31% of respondents ages 35 to 44 and 28% of those ages 21-34 reported betting on sports at least monthly, compared to just 10% of those ages 45-64 and 5% of those 65 and older.

New York’s in:

The poll from Morning Consult was published on the same day New York state released data on the January 8 debut of its legal online gambling industry. According to the data, in the state’s first weekend of legal operations, a whopping 650,000 unique accounts were made on betting apps and over $150 million was wagered.

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