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  • Ryan Wittler

Pornhub’s New Guide to the Classics

Updated: Oct 24


The company best-known for inciting the other act everyone does wants to educate the world about art, specifically, erotic art that can be found in the world’s most renowned museums.

The guide:

According to the company, Classic Nudes is an “interactive guide to some of the sexiest scenes in history at the world’s most famous museums,” including The Louvre in Paris, The MET in New York City, and Florence’s Uffizi Gallery.

Make no mistake, it is porn, as the way the company honors most pieces is with a sexually-charged (often NSFW) recreation with some of the website’s most famous faces.

The goal:

According to ARTNews, the initiative has two missions: attracting visitors to the museums post-pandemic and getting Pornhub users into experiencing art. It’s the latest piece in the company's campaign demonstrating the relationship between porn and art, following its earlier work using AI to restore century-old erotic films.

Why do it? As the company says: “Because porn may not be considered art, but some art can definitely be considered porn.”

Visit the website here (the landing page is SFW, but exploring beyond that may not be).

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