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  • Ryan Wittler

Scientists May Have Discovered Why the Delta Variant Spreads So Easily

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According to a new study, people infected with the delta variant may be carrying 1,260 times more virus particles and may test positive for COVID two days earlier than people infected with the original Sars-CoV-2 strain.

What does it mean?

The drastically higher viral load and shortened latent period suggests not only that the delta variant can replicate more quickly, but that people shed more virus particles in the early stage of infection when compared to the original strain, as well, making the risk of transmission higher.

Before getting too excited:

The group of researchers, which includes scientists from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the University of Oxford, only examined 167 infections in China and the paper hasn’t been peer reviewed yet.

Instead, it was published as a “preprint,” meaning, the researchers still believed the information was valuable and reliable enough to share, though it is still in the process of gaining scientific acceptance.

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