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  • Ryan Wittler

The California Senate Wants to Put More Residents into the University of California System

University of California, Santa Barbara

Last year, the University of California received nearly 250,000 applications, a record and 16% jump from the previous year. The influx of applications to the nation’s premier public research university system also led to massive rejections of qualified California residents, something the Senate wants to change. Currently, nonresident students make up an average of 19% of student bodies systemwide, representing a hearty $1 billion annually in tuition. The Senate proposal would reduce the systemwide average to 10%, allowing some 4,600 more California students to secure freshman seats each year. The Senate plan fills the revenue gap by using some of the $805 million Gov. Gavin Newsome has proposed giving to the system from the state’s record $75 billion surplus. UC officials oppose the plan, saying while they share the goal of increasing California student representation, the 10% cap is too low.

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