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  • Ryan Wittler

Voters in Some of 2022’s Most Important Districts Really Like Biden’s Agenda

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According to a new survey from Climate Power and Data for Progress, voters in eight key Congressional districts: AZ-01, FL-07, GA-07, IA-03, ME-02, MI-08, NJ-05, and NY-04, overwhelmingly support both the bipartisan infrastructure package and President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

Some highlights:

According to the survey, Biden’s agenda enjoys majority support in each district, finding the lowest approval in GA-07 where 53% of voters still back it. It also found majorities in each district think the $3.5 trillion figure should either increase or be kept the same, but that it shouldn’t go down.

Majorities or pluralities (i.e., having the most support of any option but still not reaching majority level) in each district also said they would be “less likely” to vote for a candidate that didn’t back Biden’s agenda.

Why it matters:

According to Climate Power, the findings should encourage candidates in these races -- from both parties -- to embrace Biden’s agenda not only for their raw support scores, but because Biden’s agenda still came out on top despite the survey intentionally including negative messaging about it to test resilience.

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