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What is “Havana Syndrome” and Why Do We Keep Hearing About It?

Associated Press

A growing number of American diplomats and government officials, mostly stationed abroad, have reported experiencing strange and debilitating symptoms, including vertigo, ear ringing, nausea, and intense headaches.

What is it?

“Havana Syndrome” gets its name from the first known case to be reported by U.S. officials on a diplomatic mission in Havana, Cuba in 2016, and the name actually refers to the group of the above-mentioned symptoms.

What causes it?

A 2020 study by the National Academies of Sciences commissioned by the State Department found the “most plausible” cause of the symptoms was “directed, pulsed, radiofrequency energy.” That’s science for “beams of energy being shot at people.”

The finding has led to the most prevalent -- but highly unofficial -- hypothesis being that Russia is responsible, namely, that it’s using directed energy technology to gather data from electronic devices like cell phones and laptops, but which also has the side effect of neurological damage on its human targets.

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