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  • Ryan Wittler

Where We Agree

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The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) recently released its 12th annual American Values Survey, highlighting the differences in how Americans experience cultural change across the country.

It also touched on some areas of agreement, so we thought we’d highlight a handful.

American Identity:

The survey found strong support (91%) for the notion that believing in individual freedoms is at least somewhat important to being “truly American.”

That includes the freedom of speech (95% think it’s at least somewhat important), the right to vote (93%), accepting people of diverse racial and religious backgrounds (92%), and respecting American political institutions and laws (91%).


Americans agree that we shouldn’t shield younger generations from our country’s past.

When asked what should be taught in schools, 84% agreed that we “should teach American history that includes both our best achievements and our worst mistakes.” Support here is bipartisan: Republicans (80% agreed), independents (86%), and Democrats (90%).

Federal Voting Rights Legislation:

When it comes to protecting the right to vote, 70% of Americans say Congress should step in and enact legislation, rather than leaving it to the states (27%).


Americans also want their politicians to compromise to find solutions, as 74% say they prefer compromise to get things done, compared to just 23% who say sticking to principles is better, even if it means nothing gets done.

Bonus: Weed

This wasn’t included in the PRRI survey, but a new Gallup poll has also found 68% of Americans support legalizing cannabis.

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